About the Garden

Our Garden 

Windy Meadow Community Garden is planned to be located in the bottom corner of Markland St Park in the Cowan Heights area of St. John's. We received approval from the city end of last summer and we are currently working on getting funding in place to build communal garden beds along with a rain barrel, composter, and storage bench. We hope to have everything in place this fall to be ready to Grow first thing this spring!

How it started

For years a small group of us have dreamed of there being a community garden in the field behind our houses.  We love gardening and we believe that anyone is capable of growing their own vegetables if given the space and a little instruction. It's an ideal location as it gets a lot of sun and there is plenty of space to have a garden. 

In 2022, with the rising costs of food and us being in the right time of our lives to be able to take this on, we decided it was the year to start the garden!  We approached the City of St. John's Healthy Community department and we hope to have 4-5 communal beds up and running for 2023's growing season.  The produce from these communal beds will be shared among those who help tend the garden as well as shared with community members in need through a local food pantry. 

Our Plans for the Future

We are starting small and plan to grow big! 

We have so many ideas about how Windy Meadow Garden can become a great neighbourhood hub providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the community.  On our plan for this year is to add allotment beds so more people can garden and then keep adding beds each year as funding, space and interest allow. 

 Our dream list for the coming years includes making the garden more accessible by building wheelchair height and standing height beds and our dream is to plant fruit trees/bushes (apples, pears, plum, cherries, raspberries etc) to make a small food forest.  Let us know if you have something you would like to see added to the garden!